Historically, building façades have the greatest level of failure of any part of a building fabric and the pressure for change and adaptation due to environmental and energy performance needs is greater than any other element of a building. As a consequence, façade engineering has become a science in its own right.

Our knowledge, skills and experience in structural engineering, building fabrication and construction, architecture, geometry and computational design allow us to play an important role in the implementation of a project. Specifically, our involvement in all stages of a project – Design, Tender, Testing & Construction – converts the vision of accomplishment to a real achievement.

Design Services

Façade Engineering

We provide structural calculations to ensure the integrity of the selected system.

Glass Analysis

Our studies cover structural stability, optical and energy performance. We propose the optimum use of glass in a specific project followed by calculations and design consideration.

Material Selection

We provide consultancy at the selection of the right materials regarding the requirements of a project (orientation, function, budged, etc.) and assist the design team on the fabrication and installation methods in order to incorporate the right construction details from the beginning of a project.

Thermal and Condensation Analysis

We provide a thorough analysis of the joint components in order to help the design team or contractor to avoid thermal bridges. The minimization of thermal bridges and risk of condensation leads to an optimum design and result.

Implementation of Building Services, Fire and Acoustic Requirements

This aspect merges all the disciplines that meet in a building and affect the façade design and construction. We incorporate building services requirements to the design and construction of the façade in correspondence with architectural and other requirements.

Façade Access, Cleaning and Maintenance

We issue a realistic plan of façade access, cleaning and maintenance.

Parametric Design & BIM

We can provide solutions for complex geometry structures using computational design.

Tender Services

Performance Specification

To ensure excellent quality for the materials, fabrication and installation of the façade.

Tender Assessment

Assist the client in selecting the suitable façade contractor for the job.

Value Engineering

We can assist the client in carrying out the value engineering to ensure that the design intent complies with the proposed budget.

Testing & Construction Services

Testing & Mock-Ups

We can act as an expert witness during the testing and mock-up assessment.

Site Inspection

We carry out site inspections to ensure that the installation and fabrication of the façade systems comply with the performance specification.

Factory Visits

We carry out factory visits to ensure that the fabrication of the façade systems comply with the performance specification.

Review Cladding Contractors Information

As consultants, we provide a thorough review to the detailed design of the façade contractor.

Detailed Design

We can assist the specialist façade contractor to provide the detailed design drawings and calculations.